Precision Car Detailing Brush


Introducing our versatile Car Detailing Brush – the ultimate tool for keeping your vehicle spotless inside and out. With 5 different brush sizes to choose from, this brush set is perfect for reaching tight spaces, lug nuts, leather seats, trim, and more. The boar hair and synthetic fiber blend ensures strength and flexibility without marring your delicate wheels. Whether wet or dry, this multi-function brush effectively removes dust and crumbs, leaving your car impeccably tidy. Suitable for all vehicle types.



Discover the convenience and effectiveness of our Car Detailing Brush, designed to elevate your car cleaning routine to a whole new level. This exceptional brush set includes 5 different sizes, allowing you to select the perfect brush to suit your specific needs. With ample length, it effortlessly explores and reaches into lug nuts, narrow spaces, and tight crevices, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

The versatility of our Car Detailing Brush extends beyond just wheels – it’s also great for soft Nappa leather seats and various trim, including exterior emblems. Keep your brushes organized and readily accessible with the convenient handle hanging holes, ensuring you have the right tool at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Crafted with a blend of boar hair and synthetic fibers, our brush strikes the ideal balance between strength and flexibility. Rest assured, this expertly designed blend prevents any chance of marring or scratching your delicate wheels, ensuring your car’s pristine appearance remains intact.

Suitable for both wet and dry use, this multi-function brush efficiently tackles dust, breadcrumbs, and other small particles, leaving your wheels, air vents, trim, seat crevices, and emblems immaculate. Enjoy a fully tidy and clean car from the inside out, thanks to the remarkable cleaning capabilities of our Car Detailing Brush. Versatile and compatible with all Cars, SUVs, Trucks, Vans, and Motorcycles.


  • Brush Material: Synthetic Fiber
  • Handle Material: High-Quality PP Plastic Handle
  • Brush Length: 21cm, 22.5cm, 23cm, 23.5cm, 24cm
  • Color: Black and Red

Experience the difference our Car Detailing Brush brings to your car care routine, and take pride in maintaining a spotless and well-maintained vehicle with ease.


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