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About MAS


We are car enthusiasts, always looking for the next best thing. Keeping your vehicle clean is important to maintain its value and overall condition.

Let’s be real, a clean car makes you feel good. When you look your best you, you feel your best!

Cleaning your car on the fly has never been easier. We provide our customers with 3 different packages with best in class car care products pre diluted and placed in quality spray bottles. You will get a package filled with professional cleaners that are ECO – Friendly.

All Packages come in a 5 Gallon container which displays Cleaning Instructions, List of materials, all the towels and supplies you will need to clean your car the right way.

Custom QR Codes allow you to quickly re order supplies, View the used parts market directory. New Parts Directory, Use what the dealers use and purchase Aftermarket or OEM parts for your Vehicle saving you hundreds!

We wanted to make it simple by providing customers with an all in one package. No more being stuck to a specific brand or buying a kit with mediocre Products that companies want to liquidate. With over 15 years of testing we have narrowed down our preferred brands for supplies and bring those to you, giving you only what you actually need ( Well maybe a little more)

Personalize Your Package Bucket with a custom message! Great for gifts, Personal messages.