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Welcome to our world of car enthusiasts, where passion for automobiles drives everything we do. At Mass Auto Spa, we believe that maintaining your vehicle’s value and overall condition is paramount. That’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the best car care solutions that not only keep your ride in top shape but also make you feel fantastic.

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Vacuum & wipe down of interior surfaces, windows and door jambs. Exterior hand wash and dry.

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Vacuum & Shampoo of seats and carpets. Steam cleaning of interior surfaces with UV protection applied, windows and door jambs cleaned. Leather treatment if applicable.

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Wheels and tires cleaned. Foam hand wash with iron decontamination, and clay bar treatment if needed. Up to 6 month ceramic sealant applied to the paint and tire shine.

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Removal of any swirls, scratches, or other imperfections on the paint of your vehicle. Contact us for more information about Paint Correction services.


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Ceramic Coatings are a great way to keep your car looking pristine. They are more durable than any paint sealant and have many great benefits that make the cost worth your while. Contact us for my information.

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Bay Detail

Full cleaning of the engine bay with the plastics dressed with a UV Protectant to give it a nice new look.